Our expertise is unique

Turning UGC and Data into strategic recommendations.

We identify, gather, understand all that is written, drawn and pictured on the web. Your customers like to write, share their opinion on brands, products and services. Positive or negative, their reviews generate are unique. Every day, millions of UGC are created forever. What if we turned this data into an intelligence lever?

* UGC = User Generated Content

With our expertise and our exclusive technology, detect, listen, analyze to decide with enhanced precision.



We collect all your UGC daily. We identify sources and connect data flows on the run. Our technology allows us to be more pertinent and go back in time.



We analyze your data, compare it with open data to turn it into exclusive marketing knowledge. We go further than traditional market studies. Our reports allow you to understand and decide.



We do not only use the latest algorithms in AI for you. We also participate into research thanks to an exclusive agreement with University of Louvain..



We are a team committed to producing reports which contribute to our clients success. Beyond big data, IA and technology, our team is key to fulfill your objectives.

They work with Spella